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‘Rupture’ Leaves so Many Questions on The Flash

The Flash Season 2 episode 20

Now that’s more like it! After the loss of Barry Allen’s powers left the hosts on The Flash After Show bummed last week, they cheered up big time for “Rupture” even though that particular subplot didn’t get resolved, and in fact, may have even gotten worse. Confused? You aren’t if you watched the episode, but more »

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Looking into the Crystal Ball for Wally and Jesse on The Flash

Episode 19 of Season 2 of The Flash had The Flash After Show crew feeling a little grumpy. Jack Hind said the show could only get better, Devon Stewart said he felt like he didn’t even know the “speedless man” in this week’s episode, and Carolina Bonetti called the scene where Barry Allen had to more »

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Is The Flash Really the Fastest Man Alive?

Every episode of The Flash begins with a voice-over from star Grant Gustin that informs viewers that he is Barry Allen and boldly states, “And I am the fastest man alive.” One problem: Now more than ever, that’s proven to not be the case. After this week’s new episode of The Flash, it’s not even more »

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The Team Can’t Wait to Speed into Zoom

“King Shark” — the latest episode from The Flash — got the After Show team of Adam, Jack, Carolina, and Devon in a tizzy.  To say that the four were excited would be an understatement.  Why?  Well, we had a giant man/shark hybrid stalking the Flash, and we had … wait for it … the more »

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Why Is Wally West so Annoying?

There really is no real kind way to say it.  The Flash is at the top of my list as being one my all-time favorite superhero shows.  It’s got slick action, great special effects, faithfulness to the comics with some intelligent twists, and lovable characters, albeit one guy — Wally West.  I was okay with more »

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The Flash Is Bigger When It’s Smaller

Huh?  What the hell are you talking about, Steve?  I’m talking about the fact that The Flash really shines when the episodes are more personal and on a smaller scale.  The Flash‘s drama and characters become bigger than life when they’re not dealing with save-the-world situations, or even save-the-city for that matter. Tonight’s episode, “The more »

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Who is Zoom?!

I’m wondering the same thing you all are wondering, WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY?! Is he Eddie? Is he Earth 2 Barry?! Is he Earth 2 Wells?!! Who the hell is it?!!! Well guys, I have a few ideals that may help to narrow the selection but honestly I don’t really know either. Let’s more »

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