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Marvel vs. DC Match Ups

This is the ultimate geek debate episode! We take all of our dream marvel vs dc matches and pit them head to head. we take a logical (kind of, okay not really) approach at who would win each round. We’ve got Batman vs Deadpool, nightwing vs spider-man, thor vs green lantern, and so much more more »

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Tim Tebow Signs With Eagles on 3 Minute Warning

Monday April 20, 2015 FULL EPISODE: TODAYS TOPICS: 1. Tim Tebow back in the NFL 2. NBA Playoffs Game 1 in the West 3. NBA Playoffs Game 1 in the East 4. NHL Playoff Performances 5. MLB Best and Worst 3 Minute Warning is a live daily sports show where the latest sports news more »

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US Tax Budget, Crow Reboot

Iliza Shlesinger gives you the hard hitting facts that hold you after. The Weakly News. Season 3. Episode 10. Co-Host Alexis Archer. Director Brian Gramo. Original live broadcast on March 29, 2011 on THIS WEEK: A closer look at the US Tax budgets. A crazy mom goes swimming in the lake with her van. more »

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