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Selling Out – Timothy Ryan Cole

Timothy Ryan Cole from the famous Geico ads is “happier than an actor on Commercial break”! Timothy sells out on Commercial Break and this time it’s not for insurance! Watch Timothy an improv expert take your 5 words and make them gold.

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Commercial Stars – Timothy Ryan Cole from Geico Insurance

Timothy Ryan Cole interviews with Rebecca and Mike about what it’s like to be Geico’s main guitar player! Timothy is yes well the guy on the stage at the end of all the Geico ads asking questions. He also dishes on his new webseries “Sad Motivator” and the recent work he did on the horror more »

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Episode #305 – Timothy Ryan Cole from Geico

Timothy Ryan Cole visits and dishes on everything fun about being in an insurance campaign for one of the best advertised companies in the world Geico. Timothy shares the ins and outs of what it’s like to work with a real live camel! Did you know he met the Pillsbury Dough Boy? Yes it’s more »

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