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Danielle Harris of HATCHET 3 Spills Her Guts! – Inside Horror

Scream Queen Danielle Harris breaks down her Louisiana bayou nightmare while shooting HATCHET 3 – and her thoughts on horror film sequels. Hosted by Staci Layne Wilson. Picking up where HATCHET 2 left off (with – surprise! – almost everyone dead!) HATCHET 3 continues the saga of bayou Boogeyman Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) as a more »

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Inside Horror: The Great Debate

Inside Horror - Panel Episode: Rebecca McKendry, Tammi Sutton, Elric Kane, Staci Layne Wilson, Matthew Currie Holmes, and Drew Daywalt

Inside Horror – The Panel Show For the first time, we hosted a debate panel and it was a lot of fun… went by super-quick! With three smart, opinionated and well-informed guests, we could have gone on and on. Drew Daywalt (“Master of the Short Shock”), Tammi Sutton (director of Isle of Dogs), and Matthew more »

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