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Beautiful Mistake…Aurora?

Hey Everyone! It’s Thursday! That means we get a new episode of our favorite show, The Originals! Tonight’s episode is called “Beautiful Mistake”. So… I don’t know about you all, but I’m thinking that’s Aurora. I could be entirely wrong, but I still do not trust her. Yes, it’s been established from last week’s episode more »

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Haylijah, Klayley, Klamille, or Klaroline?

Sooo… What’s going on with all of the love triangles this season of The Originals?! Guessing who is going to make a better match with who definitely keeps the show interesting and us always wondering. Obviously the relationship between Hayley and Klaus is the first one that comes to mind, because come on that little more »

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Enzo & Stefan, Who’s the older Vampire?

Welcome to The Vampire Diaries After Show Season 6 Episode 3 “Welcome to Paradise”!¬†Enzo and Stefan are out for each other. Who do you think is older? #TVDAS WATCH THE FULL EPISODE: Join Meghan Lamontagne, Rachael Roland, Malynda Hale, and Jessica Hickam every week, live and on demand, for review and conversation about each more »

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