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Ms. Jessica Chobot and Ms. Splosion Man

This week on The All-New Game Show, hosts Jim Festante and Nikole Zivalich welcome special guest Jessica Chobot. Jessica hosts G4’s new hit show, G4’s Proving Ground. You may also recognize her from your Xbox 360 dashboard or her work with IGN. COMBO, news you might have missed, focused on the week’s news. Topics included more »

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Shadows of the Damned

The All-New Game Show is back with hosts Jim Festante, Nikole Zivalich and David “Gweedz” Guida for episode 2 of The Game Show in dazzling HD. COMBO’s quick hits of news included drama with the devs of LA Noire, Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D save file problems, games (Team Fortress 2, Tribes) going free-to-play, Angry Birds, more »

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