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How To SAVE MONEY On Makeup On theFeed!

Are you layering your face under inches of expensive creams, powders and paints every day? Well now you can keep doing just that, but for a little cheaper, with theFeed! The Feed delivers to you the most delightful of stories from across the internet. We cover everything under the sun from movies, gaming, and tech– more »

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This Geek Does Drink: Glynnes Pruett Answers Trivia Questions

Fresh off her appearance on SyFy’s Geeks Who Drink trivia game show, Glynnes Pruett joins the Awkward Duo to answer some real trivia (prodiced by King Trivia)! But Anastasia and Nathan do make sure she’s liquored up first. She also fills them in on the goings on at her Fullerton, CA comic-book shop, The Comic more »

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January Schmanuary

Ethan Newberry, Lindsay Harbert, and Parker Quinn try to see what sort of mischief they can get into now that 2010 has rolled around. Let’s get this year started off corrupt! We finally see the new Apple Tablet, we hear back from Chunkstradamus, another PhotoChop Shop, and MORE!

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