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This Week in Horror: Sinister, Screamfest & Rock and Shock

Hey folks!  Inside Horror is going dark tonight to better prepare for upcoming weeks chock full of interviews and Halloween goodness. I can’t give any details out just yet, but I can guarantee that the wait will be worth it – some amazing guests you are not going to want to miss! In the meantime more »

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SINISTER Director Scott Derrickson – Inside Horror

Director Scott Derrickson joins INSIDE HORROR hosts Elric Kane and Staci Layne Wilson for a fascinating discussion on the popularity of the found footage sub genre in horror, and where his new film, SINISTER, fits in. He also shares fun behind the scenes bits and pieces about the making of the film, as well as more »

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Inside Horror Rocked the Boat with JAWS’ Carl Gottlieb

Hello, friends! Stacy Buchanan here, and oh man, did I pick a great week to join the Inside Horror crew. In this week’s episode, Elric and Staci sat down with screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, the very charismatic mastermind behind JAWS I, II and III. His presence brought out a whole slew of great ‘I don’t go more »

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