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SFxT : Hugo101 vs. Futile

Street Fighter x Tekken (2013) Hugo101 vs. Futile After a dominating 5-1 win over PRO7OTYPE, Hugo101 will go up against Futile, who came off a strong showing of his own in the form of a 5-1 victory over Vicious. Match Preview : Commentary : Gootecks & Tasty Steve

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SFxT : Hugo101 vs. PR070TYPE

Street Fighter X Tekken (2013) Hugo101 vs. PRO7OTYPE After placing 2nd Place at Southern California Regionals 2013 in SSF4:AE, Hugo101 has had to focus on his studies in broadcasting and game design. Despite not being able to make it to every event, he makes it out to Cross Counter LIVE tonight to face “PRO7OTYPE” Steve more »

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SFxT : EG Floe vs. Koryuu

Street Fighter X Tekken (2013) EG | Floe vs. Koryuu “I want to go to da beach really bad.” Floe has always been one of the stronger competitors in the community, but we haven’t seen him this fired up and beasting on everyone left and right the way he did during the past weeks’ VxG more »

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