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Netflix News, Tomi Lahren Tweets, WOW Iceland and more on STREAM ON!

A CREEPY TECH STORY about AMAZON Alexa and Echo… WOW Airlines offering hella cheap flights to Frankfurt, Milan and London… Tomi Lahren being a PUSSY and more onĀ STREAM ON!   Welcome to Stream On! Your digital network, social club, and daily internet juice. Starring Brooke Burgstahler (@Brookestellar). From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Youtube, Snapchat more »

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Bill Whittle Proves Captain Kirk is the Best Star Trek Captain!

Political commentator Bill Whittle goes head-to-head with Nerds Like Us’ Bernie Bregman, in a 2016 election season debateā€¦ about which Star Trek captain was better– Kirk or Picard. Let’s see if Bill can convince Bernie, on this episode of Comics ‘n Cocktails on

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