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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna: IT’S A GIRL!

Kim Kardashian’s brother, Rob Kardashian, is having a baby! The reality star and his 28 year old fiance, Blac Chyna, announced they are expecting a baby girl on their highly anticipated reality show on the E! Network. Congratulations to the couple! Be sure to subscribe to our channel, like and share this video, and follow more »

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Happy 54th Birthday Jeff Probst!

On behalf of Survivor fans we’re excited to wish Jeff Probst a very Happy 54th Birthday! Jeff was nearly 39 years old (ironic!?) when Survivor first premiered on May 31, 2000 and we hope he continues to outlast many more birthdays to come! Here’s Jeff Probst back in Survivor: Borneo, season 1 (2000) 15 years later… more »

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6 Last Minute Survivor Halloween Costumes

Jeff Probst halloween costume

Happy Halloween! Still need a costume? Try out one of these 6 “Survivor” inspired costumes. 1. JEFF PROBST What to Wear: Survivor hat, blue button down, tribal necklace & khaki shorts 2. JERRI MANTHEY What to Wear: It’s all about the hat, big curly hair & your favorite sexy bikini 3. BOSTON ROB What to Wear: more »

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Blindsided Monica Padilla Sounds Off On Kimmi Kappenberg

Monica Padilla Survivor Second Chance

Happy “Survivor: Second Chance” humpday! Last week Monica Padilla was blindsided and became the “Lost” equivalent of Nikki and Paulo – showed up for one episode and got nixed. Here’s what we didn’t get to see about Monica’s relationship with Kimmi Kappenberg. From Monica’s interview with The Examiner (click here for full interview) “I was more »

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Survivor: Second Chance “Unofficial” After Show Episode 3

Survivor: Second Chance delivers another blindside of an episode! Hosts Justin and Ryan (filling in for Jerri) break it down talking all about the tribal swap, shifting alliances, new strategy, hidden immunity idols and tribal council. Tweet in questions or comments to the hosts all week using the hashtag #SurvivorAS

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Survivor: Second Chance “Unofficial” After Show Episode 2

Survivor: Second Chance is heating up! Hosts Jerri and Justin break it down talking all about Jeff Vaner kicking the game into high speed, Andrew Savage’s wife story causing tears, Spencer and Shirin going from top to bottom, the immunity challenge and tribal council. PLUS, Justin drops his pants to give Jerri a surprise… They’re also joined more »

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Survivor: Second Chance After Show Episode 1

We’re backkk!!! Survivor: Second Chance is finally here! Did you watch the premiere of (can you believe it) Season 31?! Hosts Jerri and Justin break it down talking all about the new school vs. old school theme, the episode’s crazy and controversial moments, the immunity challenge and tribal council. They’re also joined by Reality Blurred‘s Andy more »

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Unofficial Survivor After Show Season 31 Episode 1

Did you watch the season premier of Survivor: Second Chance? Jerri and Justin talk about the overall theme of old school vs. new school, alliances, and the tribal council. Check it out. Join Jerri Manthey (3-time Former Survivor Contestant), Survivor Superfan and Travel Blogger Justin Walter and guest contributor Andy Dehnart founder of Reality Blurred more »

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Biggest Loser Editor Marina Catala

How real is reality TV? We got into that and much more with editor Marina Catala who edits for NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Catala’s other credits include: The Amazing Race, Beauty and the Geek, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, Pros Versus Joes, and many more. So what does a reality editor do? How more »

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