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Back to the Legends of Tomorrow

After a three-week hiatus, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with the episode “Left Behind.” The last time we saw the Legends, they were under attack by Chronos, and the Waverider took off — leaving Ray, Kendra, and Sara stranded in 1958. So how have our three time refugees fared since then? And, most importantly, how more »

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Bye-Bye, Demon’s Head

Another week and another episode filled with questions and speculations.  This week seemed to have just a bit more than previous ones this season.  Who’d have thought that as we get closer to the finale, the “Who’s in the grave in the flash-forwards?” question is actually getting more difficult to answer.  Our Arrow After Show more »

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The Lotus May Have Already Appeared in the Comics

On Arrow‘s latest episode, “Unchained”, Thea Queen’s health started to deteriorate rapidly due to her not giving in to her bloodlust.  By the end of the episode, Thea was in a coma, fighting for her life, because she refuses to kill anyone.  Sure, Malcolm could’ve just brought in an offering unwilling victim, and watch his daughter more »

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