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Outsiders After Show Season 2 Episode 5: “We Are The Kinnah”

Welcome to the Outsiders Season 2 Episode 5 After Show: “We Are The Kinnah” on with Christina Jackson (Sally Ann) and Kyle Gallner (Hasil)! About the Episode: G’Win’s loyalties are tested on the mountain while Hasil grapples with a new career in town, as a fighter, to provide for himself and his pregnant girlfriend. more »

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Outsiders After Show Season 2 Episode 4: “How We Hunt”

Welcome to the Outsiders Season 2 Episode 4 After Show: “How We Hunt” on with special guest Mark Jeffrey Miller aka Krake! About the Episode:┬áThe animals aren’t the only ones to bleed during the Farrell’s winter hunt. About the After Show: Hosts Josh Macuga, Nicole Sterling, Brett “Big Schwag” Wagner, Chris Underwood, and Tiffany more »

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The Weakly News with Iliza Shlesinger #302

Iliza Shlesinger hosts The Weakly News. Season 3. Episode 2. Co-Host Alexis Archer. Director Brian Gramo. Original live broadcast on January 17, 2011 on THIS WEEK’S TOPICS: Ricky Gervais Starbucks Trenta Miss America Golden Globes Congress Woman Giffords Attractive People Nerd News Mew Should Be Shot Facebook Pittsburgh Improv Comedy Central Take Over. TheStream.Tv more »

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