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Iron Man 3 Villian Details!

Brett jumps on his soapbox in this episode to talk about Iron Man 3’s newly casted villain and how it will work in the sequel set to release next year. Will Manderin ever make it into the movie or just this new bad guy Coldsmash, errr coldheart, no, coldplay?   Watch the full episode and more »

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Steve Jobs Steps Down at Apple

Steve Jobs, the mastermind of everything Apple has stepped down as CEO and will be replaced by his COO Tim Cook. What will Steve Jobs go on to do now? We’ve got a few ideas. Also, is that a Millennium Falcon pie or an alien hand? Put down your iPods and check out our Geek more »

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The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel Already?

Click to tweet! Are you ready for more Spider-Man? You better be because Sony Pictures announced a 2014 release date for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Yes, the sequel to a movie that hasn’t even come out yet. Is it just a ploy to beat Marvel and Disney’s two unnamed summer blockbusters to the punch; more »

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