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The Death of Discs and Other Physical Media

Physical media has been around as long as, well, media but with the rise of digital media ever since a little program called Napster revolutionized the music scene, are we about to see the death of the disc as we know it? Netflix certainly seems to think so with its efforts to send its disc-by-mail more »

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Milana Vayntrub talks Can’t Do Nothing

The very awesome Milana Vayntrub (Silicon Valley, House of Lies, Other Space, “Lily” from AT&T) stopped by the Nerd Talk studio to talk nerdy with our host Jon Lee Brody. She also spoke about her career, what inspires her and also her very important charitable mission Cant Do Nothing (visit for more info). “Nerd more »

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Top 3 Nerd Resolutions w/Jon Lee Brody & Alexa Cappiello on Nerd Talk

Writer/Director/Professional Nerd Jon Lee Brody is back with his last top 3 list of 2015. And today he’s got a special guest joining him, actress Alexa Cappiello! As 2016 approaches, people naturally have resolutions. But today Jon and Alexa are presenting the Top NERD resolutions (which are much cooler). Stuff for you all to think more »

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Top 3 Hanukkah Movies with Jon Lee Brody on Nerd Talk!

Writer/Director/Professional Nerd Jon Lee Brody is back with another Top 3 list. This time he’s giving love to the best Hanukkah movies. Although Hanukkah movies are far and few between, it still felt necessary to highlight some of the good ones. Jon Lee Brody is a writer/director/producer and founder of Iron Will Productions (or “Iron more »

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Top 3 Christmas Movies with Jon Lee Brody on Nerd Talk

Writer/Director/Professional Nerd Jon Lee Brody shares his Top 3 Christmas movies… You might not think of these movies as Christmas movies, but they are and you just didn’t know it. Or maybe you did and were just in denial of it! Leave a comment and let us know YOUR favorite Christmas movie! Jon Lee Brody more »

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BLOCKBUSTER Stores Officially Closing

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE: It looks like it’s the official end of a cultural era. Although DVD rental giant Blockbuster has steadily been closing down stores for years now, yesterday it was officially announced that the company would be closing the doors on all of their remaining 300 stores in the coming months including more »

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