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Female Magicians of the Magic Castle on Comics ‘n Cocktails

Legerdemain! Prestidigitation! Conjuring! (Those are big words meaning we have a lot of magic in this episode)! Many people don’t often associate magicians with women—especially since most of the Vegas set and famous TV magicians are men. But these women are ready to set the record straight! From the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Lauren Cohen, more »

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Comics ‘n Cocktails Gets Annexed Into the Langdon Nation

Langdon Bosarge, a fabulous geek, comedian, radio host, and shitsu poodle whisperer, joins the Awkward Gang for Comics ‘n Cocktails. He’s the King of champagne day-drinking, and he graces us mere mortals with his bubbly personality. In this episode, we get to the bottom of whether he’s really a nerd, so don’t miss it!

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An Awkwardly Chubby Bunny on Comics ‘n Cocktails

Ah… the high-society world of fashion! Vogue, Cartier, Armani, and Chubby Bunny?!? Turns out Chubby Bunny is a nerd-girl, who models, cosplays, and designs geek accessories. She gets the drunk awkward treatment, when she joins Nathan and Anastasia from Awkward Conversations on Comics ‘n Cocktails. Put as many marshmallows as you can inside your mouth more »

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