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Film Remakes: Good or Bad?

Movie remakes are something that we’ve all grown accustomed to. With more and more coming out each year, is no film safe from the remake? Jonathan London of joins us this week as we decide if remakes are hurting or helping Hollywood. Plus we breakdown the new Avengers trailer that hit the internet this more »

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Mass Effect 3 Beta Leak Details

Mass Effect 3 is still a while away but eager gamers were lucky enough to get their hands on an unofficially leaked beta and yes, it includes multiplayer. Want to know all the details of what’s in the beta? Check out this clip from GeekDown. Watch Behind the Scenes Footage and More! Join the more »

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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Revealed

After months of rumors, BioWare has finally announced Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. Four players will be able to join up as custom characters and take the fight to control key locations which play into how successful Shepard is against the invading Reapers. Are you ready to open up your galaxy to others or are you more »

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