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An Awkwardly Chubby Bunny on Comics ‘n Cocktails

Ah… the high-society world of fashion! Vogue, Cartier, Armani, and Chubby Bunny?!? Turns out Chubby Bunny is a nerd-girl, who models, cosplays, and designs geek accessories. She gets the drunk awkward treatment, when she joins Nathan and Anastasia from Awkward Conversations on Comics ‘n Cocktails. Put as many marshmallows as you can inside your mouth more »

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Sitting Cats

Watch Live on! ‪‬ @dennisdemarco tweets: Why does my cat always sit on what I am reading? Like Us on Facebook:
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‪‪‬‬ Starring: Thomas Middleditch @middleditch Matt Donnelly @sweetmattyd

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