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Tiki Bar Jeff vs. Stu – Mai Tai smackdown!

We go Polynesian up in this bee-atch! Jeff Macpherson, creator of, and a winner of a Streamy Award, joins! I challenge “Dr.Tiki” to a Mai Tai making contest – who’s better? Watch me challenge the good Dr. at: Plus, we’ve got a new, interactive bit called chat-tion (chat room captions),

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Win free SWAG from Social Code – Watch here!

On Tuesday night, June 24th – Social Code – rocked the house with their songs and mild-mannered somewhat evasive attitudes! Morgan and Travis are genuinely good guys from Edmonton, Alberta and if you support indie rock, in the truest sense of the form (they converted an old greyhound bus into their home), then you should more »

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#119: These Boobs Were Made for Talking

Head boob, Geoff Trail, hosts Kris Lezetc (not a boob), and her two-boobs (yes, those), on a hilarious jaunt of interactive comedy; featuring John Fulton’s musical stylings, and all-new Strictly Platonic, underage viewers, and brand new segment: WTF!

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#118: John, Paul and Ringo?

John Fulton, lead singer of myspace band ‘The Fresh’ plays ‘Two Buck Chuck’ live (with a few f-bombs in there kids), while Paul Malewitz, comedian, auteur and raconteur, represents big time for D-Town. Also featuring a failed attempt at reaching Michael J. Fox, a new installment of Strictly Platonic, and brand new segment: ‘Just plain more »

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