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Empire Extra’s Music, News & Juicy Instagram Gossip Settled

If it’s not all about cookies craziest outfits of the week, we are raving about the music from the show. Last week’s episode brought the house down. The Leviticus takeover was jammed with star studded performances from character Hakeem and Timberland, and character Jamal and Pitbull. If you missed it, go back now and watch. more »

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Will We See Darth Vader Or Anakin In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Full Episode : User Submitted Question: Anakin Skywalker writes: I don’t think Darth Vader is coming back to SW7, even as a flashback, and I also doubt Anakin is coming back as a force ghost, but the Vader “selfie” is on the SW7 Instagram page. Is Vader/Anakin returning possible? What are your thoughts? Buy more »

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