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The Weakly News with Iliza Shlesinger #301

Iliza Shlesinger hosts The Weakly News. Season 3. Episode 1. Co-Host Alexis Archer. Director Brian Gramo. Original live broadcast on January 11, 2011 on Hard hitting facts that hold you after… Iliza Shlesinger brings you the facts, keeping you up to date on the current events around the world; of course in a way more »

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Robbie Consing: Storyboards

Robbie Consing, storyboard artist. Credits include: Transformers, Jumper, The Island, Terminator 3, Minority Report, X2, Mission Impossible II, Bab Boys II, Pearl Harbor, and more. Robbie broke down the creative and technical aspects of being a storyboard artist. We showed samples of his work from ‘Transformers’, as he explained what they were about. Consing has more »

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