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Best Animated Superhero Adaptation

Superheroes and animation have always seemed to go hand in hand. From the early days of the Super Friends cartoon up to today’s Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes, some of the best adaptations of comics have been in the animated form. With superheroes as popular as they’ve ever been in popular culture, we take a look more »

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Dark Knight Rises 8 Minute Preview

One of the most, if not THE most, anticipated movies of next year is Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises. With everyone eager to find out more about the movie, IMAX is offering an 8 minute preview starting in December. The only caveat is that it’s attached to Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. more »

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Joseph Cicio, camera operator for Iron Man II

Iron Man II Camera Operator Joseph Cicio talked with Filmnut host Jeff Schubert about working on set of both Iron Man films. He broke down one scene in particular shot on a race track in Monaco and all of the different cameras used, different speeds/ fps they were shooting at and why, placement of cameras more »

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