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DISNEY releases a RACIST COSTUME on theFeed

Disney released a costume based on their upcoming film Moana which some have taken serious issue with. Will the butthurt ever end? Find out on theFeed! The Feed delivers to you the most delightful of stories from across the internet. We cover everything under the sun from movies, gaming, and tech– to health, travel, and more »

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6 Last Minute Survivor Halloween Costumes

Jeff Probst halloween costume

Happy Halloween! Still need a costume? Try out one of these 6 “Survivor” inspired costumes. 1. JEFF PROBST What to Wear: Survivor hat, blue button down, tribal necklace & khaki shorts 2. JERRI MANTHEY What to Wear: It’s all about the hat, big curly hair & your favorite sexy bikini 3. BOSTON ROB What to Wear: more »

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