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GOOGLE Updates, Jimmy Fallon is BAE, A Deadpool/Wolverine Mash-Up AND MORE on Stream On!

Welcome to Stream On! Your digital network, social club, and daily internet juice. Starring Brooke Burgstahler (@Brookestellar) and Zeus Campbell (@TopRopeZeus). Ryan Reynolds courting Hugh Jackman! Jimmy Fallon is BAE… Bill Gates’ one BILLION dollar investment… Google is experimenting with you again… AND MORE on Stream On! From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to Youtube, Snapchat more »

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Open Phones

EPIXENTER: Episode 207 “Open Phones” Hogan “2kamRA” Carter and Cami “camiwins” Vicencio are back after a week break to host the seventh episode of Season 2 of filmed live HD studio. In this episode, NopeDope News includes what Sprint is doing with the Blackberry Playbook, how Google plans to sell more Android phones, more »

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