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Next Xbox Mimicking Apple?

New details regarding Microsoft’s followup to the Xbox 360 have emerged and it’s not what you’d think. With phrases like “going the Apple route,” is this what gamers want to hear or will the next Xbox suffer a fate similar to that of the Atari Jaguar? It probably won’t be that bad but check out more »

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Mass Effect 3 Beta Leak Details

Mass Effect 3 is still a while away but eager gamers were lucky enough to get their hands on an unofficially leaked beta and yes, it includes multiplayer. Want to know all the details of what’s in the beta? Check out this clip from GeekDown. Watch Behind the Scenes Footage and More! Join the more »

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Star Wars Blu-ray Changes

Make George STOP!! Click to tweet! George Lucas is never one to step away from his work, much to the anger of his fans. With the upcoming release of the Star Wars Trilogy on Bluray, Lucas has once again taken it upon himself to alter his beloved classics once again. We take a look more »

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