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Michael Gallagher of Totally Sketch

Click to Sub: LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST Michael Gallagher, creator of TotallySketch ( is on the show to talk about interactive sketches, his youtube career, and announces a brand new project! In addition, we talk about Casey Anthony, Google+, dick size, Fox News tweeting that Obama is dead, and real more »

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YouTube Celeb Freddie Wong

SUBSCRIBE: LIVE INTERACTIVE SHOWS every TUESDAY at 8PM PST Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch ( join us on this week’s The Real Cool Club ( We get into a knife fight, we shoot terrorists, and we find out what happened to Rufio from Hook! In addition, we talk about Katy Perry & Michael Jackson, more »

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Talking Babies, Jealous Playboy Playmates

Guess who’s back! The Real Cool Club with Ethan Newberry and Lindsay Harbert is back on! This marks the first episode in the brand new HD broadcast studio and the first episode with new Chat Hole host, Scott Moore (G4TV). Appearances by former Chat Hole hosts Parker Quinn and Jimmy Callahan. We talk about more »

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