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Can Kelli Maroney Survive Comics ‘n Cocktails?

Kelli Maroney is a huge star of 1980s indie slasher films… she survived killer mall robots, a comet’s zombies, and starring alongside Sean Penn; but can she survive the awkwardness of Comics ‘n Cocktails? Find out on!  

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Bill Whittle Proves Captain Kirk is the Best Star Trek Captain!

Political commentator Bill Whittle goes head-to-head with Nerds Like Us’ Bernie Bregman, in a 2016 election season debate… about which Star Trek captain was better– Kirk or Picard. Let’s see if Bill can convince Bernie, on this episode of Comics ‘n Cocktails on

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Brea Grant is Our Hero on Comics ‘n Cocktails

You probably know Brea Grant from Heroes, or Friday Night Lights, or Nerdist, or her successful comic-books, or because you’ve been secretly stalking her… and now she’s on Comics ‘n Cocktails on! You won’t want to miss this one!!!

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