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Selling Out – Bob Stephenson

Watch Bob take your 5 adjectives and make them into commercial gold as he sells out on this episode of Commercial Break and this time Bob’s not just the guy who “drives the truck ma’am”.

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Hot Ads – Dos Equis, Vonage, Pepsi

Can you speak Russian in French? Rebecca takes a look at the Most Interesting Man in the World, and his real life influence! Vonage actor George Basil is crazy generous when it comes to improv, as he also stars in wacky comedy Rollertown. One of Pepsi’s funniest ads star actor Bob Stephenson who plays a more »

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Fiber One, DQ and McDonald’s Owen Smith

BAM! Actor and Comedian Owen Smith from the Fiber One, DQ and McDonald’s Cha Cha commercials sells us a balloon flower that Rebecca obtained from Disneyland. Owen also shamelessly promotes his stand up DVD ANONYMOUS. Mike and Filmnut doing SPORTS? Pantera Fan gets a warm thank you from the cast. Re-cap on the Jenna Haze more »

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