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Matt Knudsen from Big Love & Pepsi

Comedian Matt Knudsen guest spots with Rebecca, Mike and Patrick. Patrick is shirtless again. Billy Mays is remembered and memorialized. Rebecca is crushed because now he won’t be on the show. Rebecca reads the letter she received from the “Free Credit Report Guy”. She thinks she has a chance with him. Mike deliberates giving JustinTV more »

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Fiber One, DQ and McDonald’s Owen Smith

BAM! Actor and Comedian Owen Smith from the Fiber One, DQ and McDonald’s Cha Cha commercials sells us a balloon flower that Rebecca obtained from Disneyland. Owen also shamelessly promotes his stand up DVD ANONYMOUS. Mike and Filmnut doing SPORTS? Pantera Fan gets a warm thank you from the cast. Re-cap on the Jenna Haze more »

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