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Weekly SIZZLE for FOX’s “Empire” Season 2

Everyone has been raving about the return of “Empire” to FOX and we just can’t get enough of Season 2!  With that being said, of course we’ve been up on the latest from our fellow bloggers and the praised stars.  So here are some of the juicy deets we compiled for your reading pleasure…  T-Swift more »

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Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Empire with “Jimpire”

Jimmy Fallon took a stab at the powerful Mr. Lucious Lyon in his hilarious spoof “Jimpire.” Jimmy nailed Lucious’s smooth voice, slick fashion and all around demeanor. Take a look as his staff imitates the iconic characters of EMPIRE. What do you think of JIMPIRE? We think he nailed it! Literally mocked him to the fullest. We’ve been more »

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Empire Rumors and Speculations

Ahh.. September…such a glorious month. Many things happen in September, but the one thing we here at theStream.TV are ever so zealous for is the return of the break out hit of of 2015..EMPIRE!!  Yup that’s right. We are waiting with baited breath ( as I’m sure the rest of America is) for the one more »

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