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Will We See Darth Vader Or Anakin In STAR WARS EPISODE VII

Full Episode : User Submitted Question: Anakin Skywalker writes: I don’t think Darth Vader is coming back to SW7, even as a flashback, and I also doubt Anakin is coming back as a force ghost, but the Vader “selfie” is on the SW7 Instagram page. Is Vader/Anakin returning possible? What are your thoughts? Buy more »

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Will We Hear The Imperial March In STAR WARS EPISODE VII?

Full Episode : Shot at in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question: Nathan writes: Greetings and salutation from Israel. I’ll make it simple do you think we get to hear the imperial march at SW7? The empire has been defeated but maybe J.J will find a way to but it back in? Maybe this more »

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Star Wars Blu-ray Changes

Make George STOP!! Click to tweet! George Lucas is never one to step away from his work, much to the anger of his fans. With the upcoming release of the Star Wars Trilogy on Bluray, Lucas has once again taken it upon himself to alter his beloved classics once again. We take a look more »

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