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Double Down

In this week’s episode of “Arrow” we have the pleasure (or not) of meeting “Double Down” (played by J.R. Bourne of “Teen Wolf”). In the comics, Double Down is a villain that usually battles The Flash, not Oliver Queen. He is a gambler that gained his powers from a cursed deck of cards that came more »

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“Terrific Anarky”

This week ‘Arrow’ dropped a few major character bombs into the storyline. How they will fit in and evolve remains to be seen. If you missed it (which fyi you need to catch up asap) we were introduced to Anarky, and Mr. Terrific. While still in the early stages of developing the season both of more »

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Back with a Vengeance!

The season 4 premiere of Arrow delivered and then some! We saw Oliver and Felicity get pulled back into the mix to help Diggle and the others defend Star City agains Damien Darhk and his “Ghosts” and the city is in absolute chaos. The writers have really layed the groundwork for an excellent season to come. Issues with more »

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