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Aris Discusses the Tekken Community (#305)

A week after talking about Skullgirls, Cross Counter LIVE shifts scenes with a rundown of the Tekken community. Tonight, Gootecks sits down with Aris from Avoiding the Puddle to talk about the current state of the support (or lack of thereof) that Tekken has been receiving. Tonight’s Guest: Aris (Aris Bakhtanians) Aris more »

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E3 Gremlins

E3 Wrap-up, News, Call of Duty 4 trailer and plenty of Gaming Madness to be had!  A tribute to booth babes of the past E3 events and tons of random stuff from something.   128

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ScrewAttack Hijacks

Screw Attack’s – Stuttering Craig, Handsome Tom and The Angry Video Game Nerd hijack the studio from regular host Robert Welkner – who is reduced to playing second fiddle as ‘the IM girl’.  The boys give first impressions of E3’s announcements.  <br>(Note: Graphic Language in this episode)   137

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