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The Sandbox Recap – Call of Duty Part 1

Between all of the mega hyped, big-budget game releases slated for fall release on the major consoles (Playstation 4 and Xbox One) prior to the holiday rush, one franchise always brings with it an army of devout fans: Call of Duty. Some love the franchise while others hate it. Then there‚Äôs some gamers who hate more »

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Alison Haislip Has a Jersey Accent

Is this Jersey Shore?? Nope, just Alison Haislip. Last week on The All-New Game Show, Jim and Alison were called out for their funny Jersey accents. Must be a Jersey thing…. Make sure to follow The Game Show on twitter. Like TGS on Facebook while you’re at it. Since you’re in the clicking more »

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Jessica Chobot on Alice Madness Returns

On the last episode of The All-New Game Show Jessica Chobot talked about why she loved Alice Return to Madness. This clip was taken from the live broadcast and can not be seen in the on-demand episode found on Orignally aired on 7/15/11 This week on The All-New Game Show, hosts Jim Festante and more »

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