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It Looks Like We May Be Getting Not One But Two New JUNGLE BOOK Movies

Full Episode : As we discussed on the show the other day, Jon Favreau is working on a JUNGLE BOOK movie for Walt Disney Pictures… and now it seems Warner Bros also wants to put out a JUNGLE BOOK movie of their own . Buy movie tickets, get theatre and showtime information now: more »

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Citizen Kane in 3D

Jeff Pierce, founder and CEO of Stereoscope a company that specializes in 3D, tells us about the films he’d like to see in 3D one day.

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3D Dot Lost Planet Squared — The Game Show #316

Lost Planet 2, 3D Dot Game Heroes, Lost Planet 2 Charity Event w/ Olivia Munn, Nikole’s Top 7 Video Game Moms, and memorable boss battles. CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD LINKS IN WMV, MOV & XVID! Make sure to follow The Game Show on twitter: @TheGameShowTV and watch us live and uncut Friday nights at 8pm PT (11pm more »

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