SXSW 2014 w/ Gootecks and Mike Ross!

Gootecks and Mike Ross take on SXSW 2014 in Austin, TX. From UFO to the secret VIP lounge at the Spontaneous Speakeasy to the famous 6th Street (known as the “Dirty 6”), Gootecks and Mike Ross get the inside scoop at what’s hot at SXSW!

NewTek’s Philip Nelson hooks up an exclusive, first ever interview with Akyumen’s CEO Aasim Saied sharing his game changing technology from the palm of your hand.  Prepare to get your mind blown!  They also get breaking news in the Bitcoin exchange from CoinMKT’s Chief Marketing Officer Vaughn Blake, and you won’t want to miss Gootecks rocking out to RAC at Fullscreen’s kick ass party at one of the hottest clubs in town – 219 West.

Mark Begum AKA BrolyLegs makes a special appearance at Dailymotion’s Happy Hour at the Hideout Lounge to discuss his new book “My Life Beyond the Floor.” And guess who they run into playing real life Mario Kart at the Gaming Expo at Palmer’s Event Center? fubarduck himself… and it is ON at the track!

The Gootecks & Mike Ross Show is a weekly livestreamed gaming program hosted by pro Street Fighter players Gootecks and Mike Ross. The duo, known for their popular series of YouTube videos dubbed The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & MIke Ross, bring their unique chemistry and colorful humor to this new program where they discuss everything from Street Fighter and competitive gaming, to much, much more! Always unpredictable, and immensely entertaining. Tune in every Monday night, 7 PM PST!

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