Steven Wolfe on Finding the Next Big Script

If you want something read by Steven Wolfe, you better have a plan to get your screenplay noticed.

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Steven Wolfe, Producer & CEO of Sneak Preview Entertainment. His credits include: (500) Days of Summer, (starring Joseph Gordan Levitt & Zoey Deschanel) Our Family Wedding, (starring Forrest Whitaker, Carlos Mencia and America Ferrera) Miss March, (starring Zach Gregger Trevor Moore and Craig Robinson) and currently in production on The Secret Lives of Dorks (James Belushi, Jennifer Tilly) talked about what it takes to produce a comedy and the importance of character work in film.

We showed a clip and talked about one of the more challenging logistical scenes in (500) Days. I asked Steven about the challenges of financing a film in today’s economy; and, if comedy is as tough a sell as indie filmmakers are told, because what is funny in one part of the country may not be in another. Steven also had a great opinion on the often uttered sentiment that indie film is dead.

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