StarFire All Grown Up in the DC Reboot!

DC’s Reboot is in full swing and they’ve gotten some harsh criticism for some of the changes they’ve made to Starfire. Namely, she’s a lot sexier. Is this the same Starfire we know and love or is she just eye candy now? We discuss the changes and how a 7-year-old felt about her new look.

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  1. masterspeeks on October 3, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    I’m gonna nerd out for a minute because I’m a long time Teen Titans fan and apparently the sole defender of this Starfire depiction controversy.

    I agree that we shouldn’t have as many overtly sexual depictions of women in general, but I would speak in defense of the comic book writers as a fan of Teen Titans since I was a kid.

    Pre-Reboot 80’s Era( The guys who invented the Starfire character, Marv Wolfman and George Perez, wrote her taking on modeling jobs so technically she was a pinup girl. Also her costume was fairly revealing( from the start.

    The characterization of her in the *Red Hood and the Outlaws* book isn’t doing anything new.

    Pre-Reboot Starfire 90’s(

    Pre-Reboot Starfire 00’s(

    She has been characteristically detached and promiscuous since the character Robin broke up with her in the 90’s. DC is just doing what they think readers will like. DC published Teen Titans Go( when the show was relevant and it didn’t sell. I don’t think they are being sexist for drawing sexy heroines that appeal to their aesthetics.

    Let’s not cast stones either. Female romance novelists have been plastering shirtless, eye-candy ( on book covers for decades. It’s called escapism and fantasy. Men and women both appreciate sexy depictions of the opposite sex without it being wrong or shameful.

    The mother of the 7 year old actually made her daughter read a book that is rated T the comic book rating equivalent of PG-13. I think we can ignore her self-righteous indignation.

  2. Jerry Titans Fan on January 26, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    I am a HUGE Teen Titans fan, most definitely. I first had heard of it when I was younger when the show was on. But I’d look more into knowing they had comics before the shows, and I would look into and read the comics. But it’s not so much the problem that she’s too revealing or highly sexual, it JUST that she’s to revealing and highly sexual haha. She use to be this pin up model super heroin who’d blast the hell out of her enemies with this deep story line with so much emotion added to her from her background. But now, all she is, is a sex symbol. Her importance has dropped, because all she’s looked at now isn’t the super sexy, blasting and kick the hell out of enemies Tameranean. But just a pin up Tameranean there when she’s barely needed. It’s not a matter of being revealing. Just she’s not a kick butt sexy hero. Just a sexy hero looked as a piece of ass.

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