Pink Power Ranger Erin Cahill on Stan Lee’s Comikaze All Year Long

Pink Power Ranger, Erin Cahill joins us at Comikaze All Year Long to talk to us about the return of the Walking Dead, Negan’s reappearance (NO SPOILERS), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — Not to mention TRIDENTS (We have no idea how that came about, but London seemed really passionate about it).

Erin Cahill’s whimsical, lovely, and magnetic personality isn’t something you would ever want to miss out, so join us and her ever growing ranger “sorority” (inside jokes are every where) right here, right now!


Join us at Comikaze All Year Long with a Power Rangers Extravaganza!!! Jason Faunt, Erin Cahill, Cameron Jebo, Azim Rizk, and Walter Jones joins Keith Tralins, Special Guest host Geekscape’s Jonathan London and the lovely Bernadette Bentley in the fan chat!

Stan Lee’s Comikaze is Los Angeles’ first and only large-scale, multi-media pop culture convention. Partnering with comic legend Stan Lee himself and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Comikaze is the only pop-culture convention owned and operated by true pop-culture icons!

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