SoCal Regionals 2013 with WW | Infiltration and EG | PR Balrog (#302)

Cross Counter LIVE: Season 3, Episode 2
Tuesday, January 22 2013
WW | Infiltration, EG | PR Balrog

Cross Counter LIVE hits the road to Evo after Southern California Regionals 2013. In this episode, Gootecks sits down with the winners of SCR, WW|Infiltration and EG|PR Balrog.

Tonight’s episode begun with coverage over the latest happenings in the Fighting Game Community, such as the Road to Evo 2013 International events, Laugh and Infiltration versus Brazil, and a Gamespot interview with Evo’s Tom Cannon explaining why some games didn’t quite make the cut. Gootecks also recapped SoCal Regionals with a Top 5 list of the Hypest Moments of SCR, featuring WW|Infiltration’s Hakan and GC|ApologyMan.

Tonight’s guests:

EG | PR Balrog (Eduardo PĂ©rez)

PR Balrog has been on the rise recently, capping off his latest major tournament with a 1st Place finish in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and a 3rd Place finish in Super Street Fighter IV (AEv2012). He sits down with Gootecks and talks about his recent switch from Fei Long to Balrog (Boxer) and his SCR matches with Chris G, both in his First-to-10 exhibition loss and his win in Grand Finals. Other topics that were discussed were having a support system with Ricky Ortiz and Filipino Champ and the recent eviction of FGTV.

WW | Infiltration (Seonwoo Lee)

Infiltration sits down with Gootecks after another dominant showing at SoCal Regionals and earning not only 1st Place in Super Street Fighter IV (AEv2012), but also 1st Place in the Street Fighter X Tekken invitational over the likes of Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong and Alex Valle and a 7-0 exhibition victory over Latif. In tonight’s episode, Infiltration talks about if any of the success and prizes he has been accumulating have been changing things at home. He also goes over character strategies with his lineup (Hakan, Akuma, Gouken, Ryu) and reveals his secret character notes to Gootecks. Infiltration also sets up a beach date with Gootecks in Los Angeles.

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