So You Think You Can Stage Manage?

Filmnut 234

Guest: Debbie Williams

Crew Position: Stage Manager

A partial list of credits: “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, “ER”, “The West Wing”

Link of interest:

Who do you want around you when what can go wrong does go wrong? A top Stage Manager. And Debbie Williams is one of a select few that is considered a go to person in this field.

Forget changes from day to day, we’re talking coming out of the bathroom minute to minute, commercial to commercial changes. It takes a leader who has a grasp of all of the departments: lights, wardrobe, equipment, what’s happening in the moment and so on. Williams shared some great examples of what goes on during “American Idol”, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and a live episode of the NBC show “ER”, where Williams was brought in to stage manage for that special event.

If was a fun interview that blended the technical skills required to be a stage manager, as well as stories about the cast, with a few tips on how to break in as a stage manager. If you’re a fan of these shows or interested in the skill set of a stage manager, check this show out.

If you missed this or any episode of Filmnut you can watch it here: The episode with Debbie Williams is number 234.

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Jeff Schubert

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