Sheldon’s Moving on?

In last week’s episode, Sheldon was interviewed by Adam Nimoy, and during the interview about his hero – Mr. Spock – Sheldon ended up talking about Amy, and their break-up. After Leonard and Penny found out about the engagement ring that Sheldon was going to give to Amy before she ended the relationship with him, Sheldon later realized that the only course of action would be┬áto go and propose to Amy. Unfortunately, Sheldon arrived at the exact moment that Amy was kissing her date goodnight. Heartbroken, Sheldon returned home.


This week’s episode will see Sheldon engage the help of Raj and Howard in finding a new mate as they were the ones who helped him meet Amy in the first place. Before any haters start saying how uncharacteristic of Sheldon this may be, I’m going to say that I think it’s completely in line with who he is. Sheldon is definitely reeling from the breakup, but even more, he’s lonely and needs a companion to fill the void. We know that he’s grown a heart and that he’s not happy about it, but he seems to accept the fact nonetheless. If that’s not enough to convince you, let’s not forget that he just witnessed Amy kissing another man. Sheldon is very vindictive, therefore it makes complete sense that he would retaliate in this way.

Enter Vanessa (Analeigh Tipton).


Though from everything that I’ve read, it seems as though Sheldon will screw this up too – [SPOILER] – Raj and Howard will design a scavenger hunt for prospective women to complete in order receive Sheldon’s information, with Vanessa being the only one to complete the scavenger hunt. Unfortunately for her, she fails to complete it in the requisite amount of time, so Sheldon slams the door in her face in typical Sheldon fashion.

Meanwhile, out on a date, Amy finds out that Dave (Stephen Merchant) is a huge Sheldon fan, so she ends things with him as well.

Will Amy find out about the engagement ring? Will they get back together? Tune in on Thursday to find out, then join the conversation right after!

See you there!

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