Portal 2 DLC in Real Life

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@andrewbreitel tweets: Why do people make me choose between them ugh


Eli Newell @elinewell
Jim Festante @festante
Thomas Middleditch @middleditch
Ptolemy Slocum @ptolemy
Shelly Slocum @ptolemy
Mike Betette @betette

Hey, uh, are you looking for a ride back into the city? I’ve got a cab here and I’ll give you a ride right back into the city for fifty dollars.  /  Fifty dollars?  / Just come on let me get your bags. / Hey man, you need a ride? / He’s got a ride. / I’ve got a real nice car, I’ve got heated seats. / But it’s 80 degrees outside. / Well, I do like a nice warm toosh. / I’m going to the city, is that where you’re going?  /  Yeah, well how much? This guy’s doing a real bargain at fifty bones. /  Caw! / Oh, wow an eagle! / Caw! / Yeah? To the city? / Boom! / Oh wow a Portal / Jump into my portal. I’ll take you back to the city.


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