PORNHUB Has A RECORD LABEL on Digital Music News!

Ah, the sweet sweet sounds of Pornhub!

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Ever heard of Porn Hub?
Even if you haven’t, you can probably guess the content of the site.
And in case nothing is coming to mind, trust me that its the most NSFW page you could be cruising on the web.
Well back in 2014 Pornhub took an unexpected turn, announcing that they would be launching Pornhub Records. The site launched a song contest to create the Pornhub anthem, with producer Scott Storch evaluating the entires.
And then… there was nothing.
Pornhub Record’s goal was to develop music that went beyond the action seen in their videos. To them that meant creating music that contained mature lyrics for an adult audience, no boy bands or teen pop.
They actually received quite a few submissions, many of them unexpected. Like an entry from Xiu Xiu called Black Dick. Or the German rockers Rammstein’s track Pussy.
To make things even greater, there was even a rumor that rapper Coolio was inking a MAJOR deal with Ponhub Records. Which sadly turned out to be false, with Coolio addressing the claim saying “If I want to see porn, I’ll put a mirror next to my bed.”
And now, as much as we’d all like to see Pornhub Records blast off, since their initial splash we’ve heard nothing about the endeavor since.
But there is THIS, Pornhub CEO told Digital Music News that while the company has opted to focus on other opportunities as of late, “by no means does that mean Pornhub Records is defunct.”
So there you have it people. Any ideas for the perfect tune to reignite Pornhub Records? Comment your ideas below, we’d love to read them. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here, and find us everywhere @digitalmusicnews.

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