Pop Noir – tastes great, even better LIVE!

Pop Noir was on LIVE! From the future… last night.

It was – Pop-tastic (ugh, sometimes – ok, all the time – puns are lame – but so tempting – kind of like dating a stripper).

We have a comedy-vention for Jessie (too “on the nose” baby), announce a winner from our online art contest (spoiler: it’s Jackie!), interview Joe from Pop Noir, watch live artwork being drawn by Luke and hear two LIVE songs from the band.

LIVE! From the Future…with Stuart Paap! – Pop Noir – LIVE!

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PLUS – we get a visit by Jeff Trail (Coachella?), hear about Pop Noir’s worst show ever (which involved hearing about how a drunk guy was convinced that their manager was George Michael’s bodyguard), find out what seminal means (it’s not what I thought… thanks for misleading me gay porn), and answer some questionages (sp. intended) from the chatrooms.

ALSO – we hear about the first band names (Octopus Rock! Fantastic Heat Brothers! Rough Treat! Lucky Pierre and the French Ticklers!), do the vaguest interview ever with Joe, find out what Joe and Luke McGarry have in common with Presidents Truman and Eisenhower (turns out it’s not having a latex fetish), get some album title suggestions for the debut album of the Fulltones, talk to Nico the Chilean Judas-Priest-loving drummer (albeit) very briefly, and finally… hear even more music from Pop Noir!

What the hell else do you want?!
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