Pharmaceutical Spam Poetry Corner

OK, people. I’ve decided to do something with all that spam I get from online pharmacies trying to sell me viagra, cialis, ambien, zoloft, paxil, wellbutrin, etc. I tried to tell them that I have no interest in drugs since I can do soo much better with herbs. Anyway, these offers are always accompanied with some odd computer generated nonsense. I’ve started collecting and editing pieces and now, for your reading pleasure, I’ve decided to unveil them to the world. Its not exactly high art or even comprehensible, but it is a good illustration of the old expression, “Even a blind chicken gets feed.” Here goes:

Inferior Coincidence

Hi, look

hoped the right expression was showing on my face.

Lake after dark

I detected navigation radar

from the plying rat.

There is even a code among thieves,

you screen.

Hi, look

Exactly. The Special Corps.

You didn’t think I was the local,

the dividing line as I could.

I didn’t open the rear door,

Other parts on the way.

I must have used

a very inferior coincidence.

The plans of a newly built ship

agreeing to.