Penny, Parents, and Pigs!

Penny’s girlfriends were not in attendance at the wedding, so they made sure to be there for the bachelorette party! Well it wasn’t hard to miss saying it took place in Penny’s apartment…
The first two episodes of this season have been quite serious for Penny and touched on more heartbreak than comedy. After her marriage to Lenard had more than a rocky start, it was about time she indulged in a large glass of wine! What she may not have expected though, was that she would be washing down that wine with a penis cookie! Yes, thanks to Amy, despite having a low key party at her pad, she still kept a kinky theme by baking a batch of “genitals!”
The show was finally back to giving us joke after joke, something that I as a viewer missed greatly. However, right when we thought this episode’s sole focus was laughter, we were hit with a huge confession. Penny never told her family about her marriage to Leonard! Immediately I was filled with so many questions. Was she embarrassed? Just not comfortable? Or perhaps her parents wouldn’t approve? What could the reasons be! Thankfully, the moment was not dragged out, but instead quickly resolved when Amy convinced her to announce the marriage. The conversation that came next did not disappoint. When Penny’s father answered the phone, the moment went from dramatic to hilarious. Penny’s dad ended up being more than happy about Penny’s secret, because it gave him the perfect opportunity to admit his own; the sad news that he accidentally killed her pig. Yikes! Not the conversation she was expecting…
So the party wasn’t exactly The Hangover part 4, but it was the funny and familiar tone that we missed so far this season. I can’t predict the tone for next week’s episode, but if it’s anything like this one, we are sure to be in for a treat! Let’s just make sure that treat isn’t bacon! RIP piggy.

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