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American Horror Story Coven and Murder House are crossing over!

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Ryan Murphy, creator of American Horror Story, participated in a

panel for Scream Queens and AHS on Sunday and revealed

exciting future plans to create a crossover between Coven and

Murder House— leaving fans extremely excited.

Season 1’s Murder House featured Connie Britton and Dylan

McDermott playing two characters who moved from Boston to LA

unknowingly purchasing a haunted home filled with ghosts and

nosy neighbors.

Season 3’s Coven was based on a group of witches in New

Orleans doing well…. what witches do! Duh!

Murphy explained that the crossover will not take place next

season due to scheduling issues.

But at least this means we are promised another two years of AHS!

If I know anything about time and math and numbers… which I


Are you guys gonna stay tuned for the crossover season?! Let me

know in the comments below.

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