Nora Kirkpatrick – pretty, funny, and pretty funny!

Nora Kirkpatrick – Dorm Life.

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Nora Kirkpatrick
was the guest on LIVE! From the future… on April 21st, and she is a real “gamer”; she was up for anything/everything – even played some squeezebox with John!

We also have a Lame Joke Contest, check out John’s sweet guitar face (look down), visit Jessie in Nip City (just watch the show), and find out that some Jews (Schneiderman is Jewish?) enjoy eating whitefish (an ancient Indian name) from Costco (an ancient corporate name).

John Fulton is always ready.

We also meet a Change-Bot (a bargain basement Transformer) named Ralph-Bot who tells us what the Change-Bot movie would be about, and get to witness what a Change-Bot changes into.


Plus, Nora from Dorm Life and Transformers 2 tells us why she’s never been in a fight, Stu gets a mulligan on screwing up the introduction, we find out where Dorm Life is filmed (think Buddhists), see Nora’s “Fanmail Schmanmail”, learn about being on the set for Transformers 2, find out what she would name her kids if she had 9 children (Martin Van Buren?), find out who she really wants to meet in Hollywood (Steve Martin and Martin Short, which means Steve Martin Short), and hear everyone’s horrible jokes.

NORA: Who would blow up a car of archeologists? A dino-might.
STU: Why did the patio hate the porch? Cuz he was kind of being a deck.
JOHN: My dad was a pistol. That makes me a son of a gun.
JESSIE: What’s the difference between lesbian and a Triscuit? One likes women and the other is a cracker.

Finally, we get the chat room in on the lame joke action, get a nod only interview from Nora, find out that President Garfield had a wooden leg, hear about Nora’s favorite dinner/dessert (fish sticks and snickers?), do a short version of our show in French, and end the show with a musical duo: John on guitar and Nora on accordion play the end theme.

Nora get's ready to jam.

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