Nolan Equal to Spielberg Or Scorsese or Whedon


Mail Bag Question;
Kyle Kizu writes: Hey everyone! So yesterday John, you said that Christopher Nolan is a better director than Joss Whedon and that in maybe 5 years or so, he will be in the conversation with guys like Scorsese and Spielberg, but not on their level. I’m a Nolan nut. I love everything he’s done. I’ll admit though that TDKR had some solid plot holes, character inconsistency, etc. But other than that, I think that everything else is almost pure gold. Maybe there’s too much plot in movies like TDK and Inception to the general audience, but I wouldn’t ding him for that. I think it’s more appreciative that he doesn’t dumb down the content. So what I’m getting at is: Why isn’t he on the Spielberg or Scorsese level?

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